The Benefits of Purchasing Fog Misting Systems


A lot of home owners are getting their hands on fog misting systems because they have seen what these systems are able to provide the outside of their home. It is a mistake for a lot of people to think that these fog misting systems are just new because there is no denying that these systems have been existing for quite some time already. Aside from the traditional purpose of having these systems around to provide some cooling, there are also other users to them that not a lot of people are well aware of.

Before you know what their other purposes are, you must first know the basics about them, the first one being that they make use of high pressure misting so that they can create fine water droplets. If you want to know how tiny these particles are, you should know that they range from 20 to 30 microns in terms of size. If you compare this to a typical water droplet, then you should know that they measure more or less 200 microns. When it comes to fog misters, their nozzles are able to deliver water in high pressure because they only have small holes and at the same time, they also come with pumps that can help in increasing the pressure of the mister so that water will be delivered. As the water gets up and reaches gets in touch with air, evaporation process takes place – this is then the part where you will expect to have some cool air with you.

Commercial misting systems have long been used by several commercial establishments. In greenhouse establishments, making use of theme park fog systems is important because it keeps the temperature as well as the humidity of the environment of the best levels. You have two main options to have greenhouse fogging systems, the first one being used with a timer and the second one being with the use of a sensor to know if it is time for them to be turned on.

When you work in the food establishment, the food that you are storing must be maintained at a certain temperature as well as a certain humidity level for them to be in good condition. When you get a fog misting system, both the temperature and the humidity of the place that you store them will be maintained. It is important for these commercial misting systems to be used because they can help in ensuring that humidity levels will be maintained that best work for food while making sure that the surroundings that are around them will not be wet at all.

Always remember that when you work for this kind of industry, you must make sure that the place where you are storing your food is not suitable of getting molds. To read more about the benefits of Fog Misting, go to


A Basic Guide in Misting or Fogging System Installation


If you have plans in installing a misting system, all parts must be delivered to you and it should be ready to install with the use of basic tools like wrenches and screwdrivers.

Before installation you must see to it that there were no existing defects found in the parts and all parts are in the parcel. Take a hard look with the manual and the ways by which all parts must be installed, this way you can expect the installation process to be smooth sailing. As for the custom residential misting pumping unit, this should be well assembled and will start to function once the water is put in it and there is a good power source.

If you want the fogging system unit to last long then you have place it in areas where it will not be prone to any damage. The power source and the water supply must be near the fogging system unit so that it can operate more so this is another thing that you have to consider for its location.

If you are able to connect the mainline to the fogging unit then you can proceed to the next step in installation. There are some that uses a flex hose and stainless steel for the mainline (this is the line that connects the misting unit to the area by which the nozzle line will be placed) There are those systems that make use of stainless steel suspension cables for the nozzle line, if this is the case then it should suspended from both sides of the place you want to be misted. There is also what you call a turnbuckle that is placed on a one end of the capable so that the tightness can be controlled furthermore in order to avoid uneven positioning of the line; a support cable is installed for every 10 feet. For more facts and info about Fog Misting, Visit

When it comes to the installation of ball valves, this must be done carefully on the suspended cables or on the hard surface. Afterwards, the installation of misting lines should be done. If the misting system is made of stainless steel then a 20 foot length nozzle line must be used.

It is already a known fact that most misting systems are using brass fittings to adjoin 20 foot lengths. If the misting system is meant for brass fittings then you will more likely find a  rubber “O” rings. Water tight system is necessary in such misting systems that is why “O” rings must be placed on both sides. You must not over tighten the union so that the “O” ring will not break and enter the portable fog fans system. It is also vital to install a drain valve at the end of each nozzle line. The latter are just some of the things that you have to be aware of when having misting or fogging system installation.

How Useful Is A Misting System?


Engaging in some outdoor activities is a surefire way of passing the time. Playing some games outside or creating new memories outside the 4 walls of the house is how people typically envision outdoor activities. On the other hand, because of the issues of global warming, the sun’s heat becomes intolerable and unbearable and that’s not the bad news yet, as it’s so hot outside, having the interests to play outside and have a great time is almost impossible. Fortunately, there is a misting system, which can provide convenience as well as relief.

Spraying ultra fine droplets of mist is the primary purpose of portable misting fans. Not only that, using these systems will enable you to easily cool different sections of the house; literally any you can think of such as porches, decks, areas surrounding the pool etc. For every pound of water evaporated in the air, approximately 1,100 Btu of heat is being pushed out from the air. After removing the heat from the air, it then becomes cooler dropping the temperature to around 25 degrees.

After the time that the misting fans are put into placed in an enclosed environment like greenhouses, its ability of increasing levels of humidity can benefit the plants inside while you can feel the cooling effects throughout the area. Moreover, these same cooling systems could be used in specialty stores that need to keep their products fresh. Various misting equipment has undoubtedly made customer’s shopping experience in product vendors that are situated outdoors, refreshing and comfortable as it is adding air conditioning to the place.

Actually, the foundation for the creation of these misting fans are backed by the phenomenon of evaporative thermal dynamics as well as evaporative cooling. In return, it is cooling the air as the water starts to evaporate which thereby reduces the heat present in the air. And the efficiency that misting fans create are actually based on these said principles. To gain more knowledge on the importance of Fog Misting, go to

The misting system starts with water in which a high pressure pump is used to increase water pressure. Nozzle openings are then used to the system which are very small to be able to produce ultra fine mist coming out of the spray. Because of this, it is producing microscopic droplets of water. When the mists are out in the air, it travels around until it absorbs the heat and warmth before evaporating. It effectively cools down the temperature in return. The dairy cooling fans system is so efficient that it has great reach and at the same time, capable of cooling even huge amount of space, making people to enjoy a comfortable surroundings.

How You Can Apply a Fog Misting System In Different Areas


A lot of individuals are confused how they can maintain the temperatures of outside their houses when the weather is adverse, and the use of air conditioners is not easy to use outside. They, however, comes to serve different purposes from greenhouse to swimming pool to maintaining the freshness of fresh products to the maintenance of the temperatures of your outdoor and much more uses. If you want to have a cool environment with your loved ones, then you should consider the installation of fog system. You should make sure that when you purchase the greenhouse fogging systems, it is designed to the outdoor environment. Most people do not know how they can keep their bodies cool during summer. The fog system has gained a lot of popularity among most people. Though it is not a complicated job to fix the system, a lot of experts have come out to promote the product and how it is usable in different aspects of life. Whenever you install the fog system, just make sure you have done proper planning so that you can enjoy the advantages of the system fully. Analyzed below are the various areas you can maximize the benefits of installing the fog system.

The maintenance of the temperatures in the greenhouse environment

The misting system plays an essential task inside the greenhouse by maintaining the temperature conditions. They are helpful in the greenhouse because they maintain the temperatures and the wetness levels. During summer, the quick evaporation of the fog will cool the greenhouse due to the principle of evaporative cooling. When winter comes the system will maintain the correct humidity rate and helps to prevent the dehydration of crops caused by heating systems. The misting system is very crucial to the most sensitive plants. You should not close your greenhouse during summer because the fog system can help you in your plans to do farming. For further details regarding the Fog Misting, go to

How you can use the system in your supermarket for the fresh produce

They helps to keep the food fresh for longer periods by preventing dehydration.

Longer freshness of fruits

The fruits and vegetables loses the freshness when they lose water. The system is able to reduce the dehydration hence ensuring that your fruits and vegetables remains fresh for long because it can maintain the humidity levels.

They are able to maintain the freshness of fish

The fish will also lose the freshness when they loses water. The residential high pressure misting systems can get rid of odor in the surrounding.

High-Pressure Misting And Fogging System Can Give You The Comfort That You Deserve


High pressure misting are fogging systems are the most sophisticated cooling systems in the market these days.  These new types of cooling systems are durable and they are virtually trouble free.  You can use them inside your home or even outdoor and they still offer you the excellent comfort that you deserve.  You can make use of this kind of system on your patio or in your dining area.

High pressure outdoor misting systems and fogging systems can be utilized in greenhouses to help provide the plants with the right humidity and temperature required for their normal growth.  And for the record, this system has increased the greenhouse plant yield much more than normal.

A lot of people have never known that such a system exist.  The system does not only use high pressure misting nozzles to get tiny droplets into the air, but they also ensure that no material, be it couches or books get wet.

The fans rotate fast and spray very fine mist to approximately 5-6 feet in front of the system, thus totally drying the air while reducing the temperatures to around 25 degree Celsius.  The mist subjected to 1000 PSI pressure and this allows to completely evaporate, more like a 6-ton air conditioner.  What more is that you can set your fan not to oscillate and have a fixed direction of the mist still.  To read more about the benefits of Fog Misting, go to

High pressure misting and fogging systems can be purchased online.  There are numerous websites which offer these services and products.  You may opt to pick a portable misting system or a complete misting system that has stainless steel mist lines and mist nozzles as well.

The high pressure misting and fogging systems are installed just like the fire sprinkler systems, using the overhead water lines.  When fixed overhead, the mist will always be sprayed downwards.

Having this kind of system installed in your home will enable you to give your home that perfect touch you have always dreamed of.  What more is that if you look to providing your pet with such a cozy environment, you can always order this cooling and humidifying system from companies to design them specifically for pets.

Fans are highly varied in designs and models, but they are generally available from 12″ to 48″ depending on the type that you choose.  You may even choose to get other kinds of mounts such as pedestal set up on your walls, floor, or you can have it mounted onto the machine itself.

Work places such as restaurants and zoo exhibits utilize these sophisticated systems to keep their environment cool and create a mist effect, which is quite soothing.  This kind of residential pool misting system does well when it comes to zoos because animals typically love the misty environment.  They are also useful on farms on the livestock.  The more comfortable livestock feels the higher the yield.