How Useful Is A Misting System?


Engaging in some outdoor activities is a surefire way of passing the time. Playing some games outside or creating new memories outside the 4 walls of the house is how people typically envision outdoor activities. On the other hand, because of the issues of global warming, the sun’s heat becomes intolerable and unbearable and that’s not the bad news yet, as it’s so hot outside, having the interests to play outside and have a great time is almost impossible. Fortunately, there is a misting system, which can provide convenience as well as relief.

Spraying ultra fine droplets of mist is the primary purpose of portable misting fans. Not only that, using these systems will enable you to easily cool different sections of the house; literally any you can think of such as porches, decks, areas surrounding the pool etc. For every pound of water evaporated in the air, approximately 1,100 Btu of heat is being pushed out from the air. After removing the heat from the air, it then becomes cooler dropping the temperature to around 25 degrees.

After the time that the misting fans are put into placed in an enclosed environment like greenhouses, its ability of increasing levels of humidity can benefit the plants inside while you can feel the cooling effects throughout the area. Moreover, these same cooling systems could be used in specialty stores that need to keep their products fresh. Various misting equipment has undoubtedly made customer’s shopping experience in product vendors that are situated outdoors, refreshing and comfortable as it is adding air conditioning to the place.

Actually, the foundation for the creation of these misting fans are backed by the phenomenon of evaporative thermal dynamics as well as evaporative cooling. In return, it is cooling the air as the water starts to evaporate which thereby reduces the heat present in the air. And the efficiency that misting fans create are actually based on these said principles. To gain more knowledge on the importance of Fog Misting, go to

The misting system starts with water in which a high pressure pump is used to increase water pressure. Nozzle openings are then used to the system which are very small to be able to produce ultra fine mist coming out of the spray. Because of this, it is producing microscopic droplets of water. When the mists are out in the air, it travels around until it absorbs the heat and warmth before evaporating. It effectively cools down the temperature in return. The dairy cooling fans system is so efficient that it has great reach and at the same time, capable of cooling even huge amount of space, making people to enjoy a comfortable surroundings.


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