The Benefits of Purchasing Fog Misting Systems


A lot of home owners are getting their hands on fog misting systems because they have seen what these systems are able to provide the outside of their home. It is a mistake for a lot of people to think that these fog misting systems are just new because there is no denying that these systems have been existing for quite some time already. Aside from the traditional purpose of having these systems around to provide some cooling, there are also other users to them that not a lot of people are well aware of.

Before you know what their other purposes are, you must first know the basics about them, the first one being that they make use of high pressure misting so that they can create fine water droplets. If you want to know how tiny these particles are, you should know that they range from 20 to 30 microns in terms of size. If you compare this to a typical water droplet, then you should know that they measure more or less 200 microns. When it comes to fog misters, their nozzles are able to deliver water in high pressure because they only have small holes and at the same time, they also come with pumps that can help in increasing the pressure of the mister so that water will be delivered. As the water gets up and reaches gets in touch with air, evaporation process takes place – this is then the part where you will expect to have some cool air with you.

Commercial misting systems have long been used by several commercial establishments. In greenhouse establishments, making use of theme park fog systems is important because it keeps the temperature as well as the humidity of the environment of the best levels. You have two main options to have greenhouse fogging systems, the first one being used with a timer and the second one being with the use of a sensor to know if it is time for them to be turned on.

When you work in the food establishment, the food that you are storing must be maintained at a certain temperature as well as a certain humidity level for them to be in good condition. When you get a fog misting system, both the temperature and the humidity of the place that you store them will be maintained. It is important for these commercial misting systems to be used because they can help in ensuring that humidity levels will be maintained that best work for food while making sure that the surroundings that are around them will not be wet at all.

Always remember that when you work for this kind of industry, you must make sure that the place where you are storing your food is not suitable of getting molds. To read more about the benefits of Fog Misting, go to


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